My drawings are posted here – it’s a bit like an online gallery. There was a time when you would only have been able to find these compositions in a real Art Gallery in town. This would have meant you having to leave the house and then risk tricky conversations with serious art buffs. Thanks to the power of the internet you can now enjoy my pictures from the safety of your own home without having to venture out. Click through the tabs above and you’ll find a treasure trove of Art.

You’ll see that I tend to spend periods of time working on various themes. A lot of my compositions are topical but I don’t think that matters because they didn’t make much sense at the time they were completed anyway. Feel free to leave any comments.

You can follow me on twitter @Jersey_Milk_Cow where I post my work right away. Many of the  stars depicted here have endorsed these pieces on Twitter. At least I think that’s what it means when they’ve retweeted me. Either that or they’re trying to expose me as an internet troll.


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